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David Gilboe, PT, Clinic Owner, David Gilboe & Associates & Physical Therapy Professionals

"I met Leah 9 years ago at BNI meeting. I needed to expand my visibility and wanted to start with a new website. When she completed the job, the improvement in my website was like night and day. As I got to know more about Leah's skill set, I tapped into her communication skills to help me better reach and expand my target audience.


As a relationship marketer and business developer, Leah has challenged me to come out of my comfort zone to be a better personal representative for my company. Over the years she has created blogs, newsletters, social media content, print ads, surveys, and videos that have made my company more visible in the community.


Leah has consistently put much effort into learning about our clinics from the inside out so that she could help us reach our goals of improved community awareness and better recognition of our target audience.


Everything that Leah has done for us has been done from the heart and with our company's best interests in mind. Leah is still an active part of my team, 9 years later and I would heartily recommend Leah to any small business looking to improve and grow their company." - Dave Gilboe  |  May 2020

Erica Bretz, Naturopath &  Certified Natural Health Educator, Owner of Nature's Wisdom

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"I hired Leah to completely re-imagine and recreate the website for my Holistic Health Coaching and Bodywork business, which I had never loved. I needed it to serve as a communication tool to help current and especially new and potential clients have a clear understanding of what I do, how I can support them, and what to expect.


In the past I've felt anywhere from blocked, awkward, to paralyzed when it came time to be able to communicate the deeper soul meaning of what I do and Leah was really able to help draw that out of me with her questions, her ability to listen past the surface, and read between the lines. Leah utilizes her keen insight and passion for helping people grow and is unafraid to push you to be great, to ask questions that others might not, and also willing to work within boundaries that feel safe and comfortable.


For me, the greatest benefit to working with Leah is that she is so much more than a web designer, her gift for communication through the written word, visual aesthetics, and creating a palpable flavor/energy is truly one of a kind.


For those seeking business and marketing support with heart, who want more than just a technical approach, and desire a partner who truly has your best interests in mind, I highly recommend working with Leah." – Erica Bretz   | May 2020


Amy Stopcyznski-Wendel, Certified Wellness Practitioner &  Dr. Dave Wendel, DC, ACN, CCWFN, Clinic Owners, Shores Wellness Solutions, The Natural Health & Wellness Center

"Leah designed and maintains our website, has created videos, fliers, brochures, and our YouTube channel.


She is fabulous to work with. She is fast, efficient, caring and wants nothing but success for you and your business.


We love that she doesn’t shy away from learning new skills to grow and better serve her clients! We can send her last minute requests and she never disappoints, always exceeding our expectations. We can’t recommend her enough!" - Amy Stopczynski & Dr. Dave Wendel  |  May 2020

Janelle Auch, Grand Reiki Master, Advanced Certified Angel Tarot Reader, Psychic Medium, Infinite Potential Healing


"I had literally been looking for a web designer for years when I met with Leah. Every designer that I met with might have been able to produce a website for me, but over and over again I was felt that they didn't get what I did, and what's worse, they didn't want to take the time to get it. Leah instantly got me. She SAW me. She intuitively knew what I needed and in our first meeting turned a process that I had spent years dreading into one that I was excited about!


In the process of working with Leah, she not only built me what I believe is the most exquisitely beautiful website to exist, but she asked pertinent questions in her loving, patient way, which helped me refine my business model and practice to become more functional and efficient - and that is something you cannot put a price on.



Leah's intuitively gifted in a unique way. She embraces and utilizes her talents to live her true life purpose which is something that is exceedingly rare both in and out of the business world. Her mind is a wonder to behold, her efficiency is awe inspiring, and her art, which is truly what all of her creations are, well, it's beauty simply speaks for itself.



Leah is infinitely patient and willing to work with you to empower you to whatever level you are seeking to take ownership of your website, your product, your brand. She is the quintessential web artisan and visibility strategist and is simply a joy to work with! – Janelle Auch  | May 2020

Marla Antone, LMT, Licensed Massage Therapist, Owner, Circular Serenity Massage & Wellness

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"My testimony comes straight from my heart. Leah is an amazing woman, who pours her heart into her work.  


I have been working with Leah for over a year and she has helped my business grow. She has taught me so much about being a business woman and I am so honored to call her my friend.


Leah is truly intuitive and can see what people need for their business to spiritually grow.


She knows how to connect with spirit to help guide you and support you. She never forces you but gently guides you with love and light. I truly love and respect her!" - Marla Antone  |  May 2020

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Shannon McCabe, Connections Coach,  Prana Fur Animals

"Words cannot describe the help Leah has provided me. Her vast knowledge of the business world and marketing are infinite. Her help with my website, business cards and start up of my new business was exactly what I needed.


Leah takes the time to listen to your vision and then brings it to life. She is devoted to getting to know you and your business so she may provide the best options for you.


Her thirst for learning, ability to keep up with today's technology, combined with her compassion keeps her on top of her game. I highly recommend Leah and Care43 for your business communication needs." - Shannon McCabe  |  May 2020


Patricia Davison, RN, Healing Touch Practitioner, Owner, Spirits Lightsong

"I worked with Leah to get advice about business development and website design. I had no experience in fashioning a business model or website at the time. I found Leah's services to be very helpful for me.


Leah is a very caring, patient, and conscientious person who has a clear desire to make a product that is satisfying to the client. She is a good listener an asks her client to fully participate in the experience of creating a business presentation. I also went to a series of classes at Care 43 about developing a business model. Those were affordable and gave critical information about launching a business.


I would recommend Leah for the above mentioned reasons. Her attention to detail and creativity are well developed. Leah is very easy to work with and truly enjoys her work. She has also developed many businesses of her own and has significant experience in the field of business development and relationship marketing." - Pat Davison, RN  | May 2020

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