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more client testimonies

Gathered from individuals I've served in a variety of capacities

"Leah has been an amazing help in directing us with our business. She is very insightful and knows what she is talking about. If you have a business in holistic health and/or healing she guides while using spiritual wisdom which really coincides with our belief system allowing for true abundance to come through. We highly recommend." - Wendy Fournier, Brenda Tringali, Owners, The Indigo Doors (Facebook Recommendation)

"In regards to... CAMPAIGN PLANNING / DISTRIBUTION: I have been very pleased with the planning and the way you keep changing it as needed for my company's specific audience.  CONTENT CREATION, QUALITY, CONSISTENCY: The content has been right on and met all expectations to capture the way in which I want my company to be relevant and current. The content has been higher than my expectations, especially adding the Pinterest leg.  NEWSLETTERS / BLOGS:  Very pleased and feel that way in which it has been created met my expectations and goals of having such a media medium.  PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT: Applicable in the support to my program development and providing a strong sounding board and space to be creative, relative and precise with resources.   SERVICE COST AND ACCOUNTABILITY: I feel the price is very fair and the accountability has been superior.   Always helpful and open to meeting the needs of my business scope!"  - Rebecca Palen, Owner, H3-Hope, Healing & Health

​"Leah is a special person; there are few of us that are high powered in both our "left and right" brains--Leah is, exceptionally.   Leah's skills emanate from SUBSTANTIAL life experience, both business and personal. She approaches all issues with both logic and a grounded integrity. She deeply wants the best result, irrespective of effort. She is equal to her tasks and is highly successful-- being results oriented. I highly recommend Leah. It is hard to imagine someone with more skills, concern and dedication." - Mark Sommers, JD (LinkedIn Recommendation)

"I don't even know where to start. Leah is absolutely fantastic!!! We have a 16 year old company that we want to take to the next level of growth and expansion. We are well on that path with her help. More than helping with goals, they have helped us put together some very high level, professional proposals, putting together programs, and developed content for our new website. Leah  partnered in our business - just as we are partners in our clients business. It's such a pleasure to work with her, and we are soooo excited for our future endeavors!! Thank you!!!" - Heather Gladden, Steve Gladden, Owners, Michigan Broadband Systems  (Facebook Recommendation)

"I have been lucky enough to work along with Leah in multiple professional organizations since were first introduced in Westgate Toastmasters three years ago. It is not difficult to be impressed with the professional presence that is reflected in Leah’s work ethic and organizational skills. While it is her thoroughness as a trustworthy businesswoman that reflects her professional history, it is her personality that makes her great. Leah vests herself in the success of her client." - Joseph Stahl (LinkedIn Recommendation)

"During the time that I worked with Leah, she was focused on the integration of several offices. Leah was extremely perceptive. She had an excellent ability to understand her audience and thus could coach others on how to gain acceptance for change and provide the appropriate level of collaboration. Leah gained acceptance quickly and was able to implement significant organization and new client products. One of the biggest obstacles Leah faced was that all of our offices were remote and change management occurred via conference call and email; rarely did we meet in person. This demonstrated the depth of Leah's skills. Establishing relationships remotely versus in person can be particularly challenging. Leah overcame this challenge through her ability to listen and coach to the needs of the particular person or group." - Lynn Mangan  (LinkedIn Recommendation)

"It is my pleasure to recommend Leah Beck. Leah provides a unique blend of inspiration and application, tailored to the specifics of an individual business. She has marvelous insight, meets the client where they are, and helps them to craft their vision, and to create a workable plan to set about implementing it."  - Jennifer Fulton, Esq (LinkedIn Recommendation)

"Leah and I worked together through two different corporate acquisitions and associated organizational and systems changes. She has a unique ability to motivate people to do their best work even under stress and tight deadlines, and to explain the “why” involved in a project as well as the “what” and the “when.” I am impressed with not only her technical knowledge, but also her organization and people skills. Her clients will benefit greatly from her extensive and varied “real-world” experience."  -Robin Wolf, CEBS (LinkedIn Recommendation)

"Leah is an exceptional leader. During our time working together it was my pleasure to work on several group projects with Leah. Leah is very detail oriented in everything she works on. She is very diligent in making sure that all aspects of a project are looked at. Leah is very compassionate and cares deeply, these traits carry through in everything she touches." - Genevieve Kondraciuk, Director (LinkedIn Recommendation)

"Over a 7+ year period, I interacted with Leah as she led and managed different groups through numerous company wide projects. Leading remote teams through significant changes is never easy. Leah was successful because she is a good communicator and a good listener. One of Leah's strengths is her ability to relate to the people she works with and to get them involved in the process." - Julie Kelly (LinkedIn Recommendation)

"The content created is highly professional and successfully geared towards just my business. Documentation is provided for all work that is performed. I am very pleased with the newsletters and blogs you have created.  They consistently meet my expectations and goals. Your services are always prompt, courteous and professional with excellent ideas provided."- Diann Inch, Former Owner, Physical Therapy Professionals

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