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increasing your visibility

  • time-sensitive messaging

  • consistent communication

  • service and product promotion

  • event alerts

When I build social media content, my goal is to...

Create content that:

Gives your clients/patients the opportunity to feel your commitment to them.

Tells your clients/patients about something you are offering that will be helpful to them and why.

Delivers education to your clients/patients that empowers them and helps them make sound decisions.


Reinforces your success and your clients/patients satisfaction with your services/classes/products.

Creates an emotional bond between you and your clients/patients leading them to want to see and engage with your communication.

samples of social media posts created by care43

To reach the goals I set...

I get to know your brand… what makes you, you.

I get to know your services or products… what makes them special, different, desirable.

I study your industry so that I understand it well enough to write about it.

I explore the most effective social media channels for your communication and help with (or handle) set up or refinement.

I set you up with low-cost online tools to create graphics and create content in your account so that you have long-term access to it.

I offer both content creation and distribution when this is needed.

how can I help?

Do you have questions?  Reach out.  Want to just brainstorm and learn more? Send me a note here or click on the chat option. I look forward to connecting with you!

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