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program development

expanding your service offerings

  • structured programs

  • interactive exercises

  • assessments

Structured programs, interactive exercises and assessments are all powerful tools you can use to expand your practice, your services, and your client/patient relationships. 

How do structured programs help you grow your practice?

Structured programs are much like roadmaps for clients and patients, helping them see a path from where they are, to where they want to be.  When there is a timeline, a process, a set of expectations, and goals integrated into a packaged program, clients and/or patients are often more inclined to try your services or expand their engagement with you. This decision commonly results in a deeper relationship, that is usually long-term, and more profitable (materially and emotionally) for both you and your clients or patients.

At Care43, I offer both pre-designed programs available for purchase (that can be branded for your practice), and custom program development, to build the programs that you want to offer.  When I build a program, I work closely with you to stimulate and/or bring your ideas into reality.  I develop and write curriculum, client communications, integrate design, and help you market your program.


How do interactive exercises and assessments help you grow your practice?

Interactive exercises and assessments are wonderful tools for engaging a prospect, converting a prospect to a client, and deepening your connection with your existing clients.

The interactive exercises and assessments I create, are commonly simple tools for increasing self-awareness. Interactive exercises usually involve asking compelling questions, that awaken needs, and soon lead your prospect, client or patient to the conclusion that you have something that will meet their needs.


As with programs, I offer both pre-designed interactive exercises and assessments (that can be branded for your practice) for purchase, along with customized development services to help you create tools that will expand your reach, grow your practice and deepen your client/patient relationships.

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