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welcome to care43!

First, let me say, I'm so pleased you are here!   I am hopeful that as you review the site, you find what you are looking for. Supporting wellness practitioners is my bliss and helping my clients grow through effective relationship marketing is a passion for me. 

Below is a personal look at my professional focus and background, along with a little peek into my heart (which is where I lead from).  If what you discover resonates with you, please reach out.  It would be a privilege to talk with you directly and explore your growth possibilities and how I can help. 

Meet Leah

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what makes


Care43 is built on a service-first foundation. 

I have been actively contributing to the growth of businesses for 30+ years.  I believe that business is a sacred exchange. I treat it with respect and reverence and am committed to supporting businesses who do the same. I build strong, lasting relationships with the people that I serve and find tremendous joy in their successes. You can read about my client's experiences with me HERE.

Though I have significant experience working with businesses in many different industries and fields, my primary focus is on helping Wellness Practitioners grow through strong relationship marketing.  I have found that wellness practitioners (particularly those who specialize in holistic/alternative healing modalities), find it helpful to work with a provider who is sensitive to their industry and the challenges that are inherent. I utilize my intuition extensively in my work and appreciate serving others who understand the value of tapping into their intuition as well.

I have witnessed and participated in the power of putting service first and seen hundreds of individuals benefit both financially and emotionally, as a result.

what is relationship marketing

and how can it help my business grow?

Relationship Marketing through Care43 gives you the ability to grow your practice/business through deepening your relationships with your clients/patients and expanding your reach through them. Using steady, strategic communication technology and services, we grow your existing relationships and expand your practice through repeat business, cross-selling and referrals.  Here are examples of how:

With WEBSITE DESIGN service, I work to infuse your site with your unique personality and offerings complimented by a user interface that is easy to use.  Integrating smart functionality we are able to bring your clients/patients to your site frequently (for scheduling, product purchases, class registration, information), increasing your search visibility and giving your clients/patients continuous exposure to what you can do for them and how you feel about them.


With PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT, we create programs that secure long-term engagements and deeper connections that build stronger relationships.  Happy clients and patients are often the strongest promoters you can have, creating strong referrals that expand your client/patient base. Interactive exercises and assessments (made visible to a larger audience through social media or email campaigns), are excellent tools for moving a short interaction into an establish client/patient relationship.


With engaging SOCIAL MEDIA content, we can create emotional ties through everyday communications, keeping you on your client/patient’s radar whether they are actively seeing you or not. With a healthy balance of inspiration, information, and promotion we can stimulate meaningful loyalty, repeat business and new business.


Well thought out and engaging VIDEO communications are effective for helping your client/patients see you, experience you, and feel cared about. Using videos in your email communication, or text communications are excellent ways to bring people to your website or YouTube Channel. Video messaging on social media expands your visibility substantially leading to repeat business and new clients/patients.


(OTHER) COMMUNICATIONS such as surveys, newsletters, custom hold messages, paper ads, are all more traditional methods for connection and equally important in engaging your client/patients and reinforcing your presence and your desire to be of service to them and those that they care about.

why should I contact Leah with

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I talk with my clients a lot about intention.  I believe that intention is like garden soil. The quality of the soil and all that grows in it, is directly connected to what we intend.  In the spirit of "walking my talk" - here is my intention.

Providing meaningful love and support to Wellness Practitioners is my bliss.  Following my bliss and helping others follow theirs, is my core intention for Care43.  While I recognize that references to "love" are not traditionally associated with "business" - I'm not a traditional person and I have not lived a traditional life.  My life experiences (both beautiful and tragic) have gifted me with great opportunities to learn, to grow and to choose. I understand that my approach to business isn't for everyone. Those that are in alignment, find me.  For this I am truly grateful. I love my clients and they feel it.

The gifts that I am able to offer those practitioners who do align with me are powerful.  This is, in part, because I have the ability to blend right-brain creativity with left-brain logic and with it the information and assistance they need to get their practices seen and blossoming.   It is, however, my understanding and reverent appreciation for the work they do that is most influential to our special relationship.  The up-top growth they see is a testament to their determination, their intention and most importantly, their hearts. 

Professional ​Background & Credentials


Summary Background & Experience (Detailed Resume Available upon request)

  • Relationship Marketer, Small Business Development (owner, operator) 2008 - current:  Delivery of multi-faceted growth services.  Including: web design, marketing production and distribution, consulting, coaching, teaching. Production includes: social media channel set-up and maintenance; brochures/ads/banners/business cards creation; marketing campaign creation and distribution; Writing newsletters/blogs/newspaper articles/white papers/system manuals, web copy; Generating service programs and coaching programs, assessments, reviews, and other business development tools, plus.

  • Business Development, Client Services (employed in management positions within the financial service industry) 1988 - 2009:  Responsible for the development of client services, program development, service creation, project management, web services (user interfaces), presentations, best practices team leadership, call-center creation, voice-response system scripts, service manuals, training manuals, service announcements, regulatory system migrations, trading system migrations, change management support and coaching, and more.

  • Communications Support (ad hoc): writing resumes, newsletters, proposals, guides, short stories, books, poetry, lyrics, blogging, newspaper articles, and more.


Relevant Education

  • ACSTH Designation, Coaching Certification, Coach Training Alliance (ICF Certified), 2009

  • Board Certification in Coaching, Center for Credentialing and Education 2012

  • Completion of Bronze Level Awards in Toastmasters in Communications and Leadership 2011-2014

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